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I'm Paul Forrester.

I'm a man who writes.

So I called this site

Hello! I help construction product manufacturers, marketing agencies and publishers talk about building performance, sustainability and ideas. Making complex subjects understandable, I write creative, concise, authoritative marketing literature, white papers, training material and website copy.

Following six years managing UK technical services for a European insulation manufacturer, I also provide technical consultancy and support, centred on U-value calculations and condensation risk analysis.

My work is influenced by nearly a decade in architectural practice, my interest in low-energy building (including retrofit and Passivhaus), and my desire to improve confidence in, and understanding of, technical subjects.

I've produced work for a variety of construction product manufacturers. I also write and edit for sustainability consultants, calculation software providers, architectural publishers, government departments, and industry magazines and journals.

My passion for creativity extends beyond buildings, and I'm happy to discuss writing for other professions, industries and artistic endeavours. In addition, I'm a keen subscriber to the philosophy of side projects.

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Six-point summary

  • A decade in architectural practice with experience of domestic and commercial architecture, barn conversions, equestrian facilities, and churches.
  • Over five years leading technical services for a product manufacturer, dealing with customer queries about all aspects of building design; representing the company in trade association meetings and technical committees.
  • Written, edited and proof-read product datasheets, specification guides, installation instructions, website content and trade press articles.
  • Created and delivered training sessions and presentations for colleagues, customers, architects and specifier and trade shows; includes seminars and articles accredited by CPD registration services.
  • Successful assessment for BBA Competency Scheme for U-value calculations, and mentoring of other applicants.
  • Business school training in presentation skills, giving and receiving feedback, and product management.

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