We Will Write Them on the Pitches

Need help winning your creative battles? Here are eleven creative lessons that ANYONE can learn from twenty-two men kicking a ball around...

A fun page-turning read which gives you the kick you may need to go out and achieve something amazing!
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When a book is written in the engaging style Paul writes in, I want it to be LONGER.
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Everybody has the capacity to be creative, but not everybody realises it. If we do realise it, we don’t always know how to unlock it. Sometimes we try and it doesn’t work, so we get frustrated and give up. I want to convince you to persevere.

How? By taking inspiration from football (or soccer, if you prefer).

If you’re a football fan, chances are your favourite team has frustrated you by wasting the hard work and effort of their training. You’ve probably berated someone who earns more in a week than you earn in a decade as they put the ball into the crowd rather than the back of the net.

If you’re not a football fan, you won't have done that.

But don’t let that stop you reading! For a start, you’ve probably talked about the money that footballers earn. You can’t understand how they're paid so much for doing so little. You can’t understand why fans pin their hopes on eleven men, only to be so sorely disappointed.

Found the book funny, clever and enjoyable to read ... A refreshing take on ‘the beautiful game’.
— Amazon.co.uk review

That disappointment is the inspiration for this book; the line in a match report that says, “The team created very little.” How can eleven professionals working together create almost nothing? And if that is somehow considered acceptable, can we be less harsh on ourselves when we don’t live up to our creative expectations?

We Will Write Them on the Pitches offers eleven lessons that anyone can learn from football – from developing your skills, to learning how to take better care of yourself. Like a virtuoso display from the star player or a well-oiled performance from the whole team, one or all of these ideas could provide the inspiration you need to help unlock your creative potential.