Insulate Magazine, Issue 17

Spring has sprung, the evenings are lighter, and a bitterly cold and wet winter can finally be put behind us. The onset of spring and summer is cause for optimism, as is the transition of 'ecobuild' to 'futurebuild'. The latest edition of Insulate is out now, and I offer my take on this year's exhibition and its representation of the changing face of construction.

Optimism for summer, and for the construction industry?

Also in issue 17, I take a look at the language of insulation, and ask whether the traditional model of manufacturers delivering CPD presentations really works. These topics never go out of fashion, and are ones I'd particularly like to encourage feedback on, from any and all readers.

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The articles I contributed to issue 16 are now available to read on the Insulate Network website. 'Stranger Things' is a lighthearted look at some of the more unusual technical questions I've answered over the years, and a reflection on taking a pragmatic approach to finding a solution.

Meanwhile, the product focus on Mauer UK's new external wall insulation system looks at how their product development has the potential to turn a sector of the industry that is typically only able to operate for eight months of the year into a year-round proposition.