Insulate Magazine, Issue 14

Issue 14 of Insulate, the only magazine dedicated to the insulation sector of the construction industry, is published today and marks my first in the new position of Technical Editor.

What Colin and the team have achieved in building the magazine from scratch throughout 2017 is the very definition of having belief in, and demonstrating commitment to, a vision.

I'm pleased to have the chance to bring my own creativity and passion for the construction industry to Insulate's pages each month, and appreciate the faith Colin is showing in me. You can subscribe to Insulate for free and get each issue delivered to your inbox.

Construction quality and consumer engagement needs to improve for the housing market to stay relevant.

If you want a flavour of the articles I've written in issue 14, check out my contributions to issue 13, published in December 2017:

'Getting the message across' examines the tactic of making customers feel as though they're dealing with constantly shifting regulations, and asks if we wouldn't be better acknowledging stability and focusing on promoting the good practice that's needed now.

'A question of energy performance' wonders what it will take for home buyers to want, and be given, more information about the energy efficiency of their homes - and gives me chance to have a whinge about Homes Under the Hammer!