Insulate Magazine, Issue 15

The fifteenth issue of Insulate magazine is published today. The only magazine dedicated to the insulation sector of the construction industry, this month's edition includes two more features penned by my fair hand.

The first looks at whether the trends in diesel car sales can teach us anything about stimulating demand for better quality housing. The second asks whether offsite construction methods are finally ready to become mainstream - and if they are, can they deliver that better quality?

Emissions from cars, diesels particularly, are being increasingly legislated against.

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For a flavour of what you can expect in issue 15, my contributions to issue 14, published in January 2018, are now available to read on the Insulation Network website.

'Standing out from the crowd' looks at the design and specification of insulation systems. It addresses the challenge of coming up with new ideas for an industry in which predictability and familiarity are often prized above all else, and asks whether specification writing is as good as it should be.

'Keeping everything moving' deals with the reaction of the insulation sector to recent supply issues for certain materials, and the importance of offering the right substitute products for the right reasons.