Insulate Magazine, Issue 16

The sixteenth edition of Insulate magazine is available now. Each month you can get the latest issue delivered to your inbox by subscribing for free here.

Readers will likely be familiar with conventional uses of insulation in construction, so this month I drew on experience of questions about more unusual applications for thermal insulation products. Once you read it, the meaning of this photo will become clear...

Photo by Jean Beaufort, used under a CC0 1.0 licence.

Also in issue 16, I take a look at the new external wall insulation (EWI) system from Mauer UK, which uses offsite manufacturing techniques to make EWI installation a year-round possibility. If you visited the Insulate Network stand at Ecobuild earlier in the month, you may have seen the system for yourself.

The features I contributed to February's issue are now available to read. 'Driving up quality' looks at recent trends in the automotive industry and asks whether inefficient buildings could start to go the same way as diesel cars.

Of course, the major difference between cars and buildings is that cars are manufactured in a factory using heavily automated procedures. As a companion piece, therefore, 'Putting offsite in the spotlight' does exactly what the title suggests and wonders whether the latest new dawn for offsite manufacturing (OSM) might yield a different result to what has come before.